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Years of broker services in shares, stocks and securities

The TSL Group's story began in 1994 with the incorporation of Tanzania Securities Limited (TSL) as a securities brokerage and investment advisory company, under the Companies Ordinance (Cap 212) with Certificate of Incorporation…

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Tanzania Securities Limited

TSL's principal business activities include broker/dealer services in shares/stocks and Government Securities, as well as investment advisory services. TSL's investment advisory clients have included: pension funds, insurance companies, micro finance institutions (MFIs), SACCOs,… Who We Are

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In realizing the above vision, we are guided by the following mission: 'Provision of high-quality and timely professional services in the capital market that cater for investment operations'.

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The Company's vision is 'To become the firm of choice in provision for securities brokerage and investment advisory services in Tanzania'.

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Our team of Fund Managers, Stock Brokers and Investment Advisors have extensive experience in corporate finance advisory and management consulting.