The TSL Group's story began in 1994 with the incorporation of Tanzania Securities Limited (TSL) as a securities brokerage and investment advisory company, under the Companies Ordinance (Cap 212) with Certificate of Incorporation No. 25380.

Since then TSL has grown into a group of specialized financial services companies, becoming one of the leading players in the money and capital markets in Tanzania.

TSL Group is broken down into three entities, namely: Tanzania Securities Limited (TSL); TSL Investments Management Limited (TIM) and TSL Capital Limited.

The TSL Timeline
May 08, 1994

Tanzania Securities Limited (TSL), Tanzania’s oldest investment advisory firm is established as a securities brokerage and investment advisory company.

Jul 16, 2011

TSL launches TSL Investments Management Limited (TIM) to spin-off the Asset/Fund Management business.

Mar 03, 2016

TSL Capital Limited is established as a boutique financial advisory firm to provide investment banking services

Nov 20, 2020

TSL Launches Investor in Every Home By 2025 Movement